Date:   September 20, 2013

A newly laid wooden bathroom floor.

OK…so it’s not that impressive as a photo, but your feet will appreciate it after a hard day on the piste.

Oh and look there’s a bidet in the bathroom. Bidets are so underrated…

And to compensate for your curiosity of arriving at this page and discovering the Spotify easter egg we planted, here’s that groovy rocking playlist we compiled called Hi ho!

All finders of the Spotify easter egg are entitled to a 3% discount on their first booking – offer valid until October 31st 2013.

Let me know through the contact page that you found the easter egg on the bathroom floor.

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Oh and as an added bonus, when you reserve a week at the chalet, you will receive all the groovy Hi ho! tracks as a gift MP3 album download so you can play them offline when you’re on the piste!